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The Turner Prize and British Art - Katherine Stout

The Turner Prize and British Art edited by Katherine Stout features a transcribed discussion between Mark Lawson, Grayson Perry (Turner Prize winner 2003), and Lionel Shriver (Orange Prize winner 2005), who consider the effect prizes have on those shortlisted and the winners, for whom it can be both a catalyst to international success and a hinderance to creativity. In addition, a series of artists' statements from a selection of Turner Prize nominees and winners from 1984-2006 lend further insight in to the role the Turner Prize has played since its inauguration. With essays from leading writers and critics including Louisa Buck, Michael Bracewell, Tom Morton and Sacha Craddock the publication considers why prizes are now a core part of contemporary culture, why excellence is celebrated in this way and the impact it has on our view of the artists and their work. Since the mid 1980s the visual arts scene in Britain has changed beyond recognition and the Turner Prize lies at the heart of an ever-increasing fascination with contemporary culture in the UK. Established in 1984 to draw greater public attention to contemporary art 'in much the same way as the Booker Prize has helped the novel', the Turner Prize has both reflected and informed the popular reception of new British art in this country and abroad. Each year a specialist jury has shortlisted some of the most important artists working today, causing annual controversy and debate.

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The Turner Prize and British Art


Stout, Katherine (ed)


Tate Publishing



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Soft cover






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21.6 × 13.8 × 1 cm

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Front cover of The Turner Prize and British Art by Katherine Stout
Back cover of The Turner Prize and British Art by Katherine Stout