COVID-19 Operations

Unfortunately only deliveries within South Africa can be made at this time. Cases of COVID at mail sorting hubs make the Post Office service unreliable so please use PostNet or your own courier.

Shopping Cart Help

You don't need to create an account to shop on our site. Your user account will be created automatically after you buy something

You may order books on our website and

  1. Order and pay for books through the site and collect them yourself
  2. We can post our books to you

If you want to order and collect your books yourself:

Select "no postage" on the postage form and pay via EFT. We will keep your books until it is convenient for you to collect them. You will need to make an appointment to collect the books. Use this option only if you are in Johannesburg, unless you wish to supply your own courier service.

If you would like to have books posted to you:

Fill in the form and check the book out with the shopping cart to create the order. Pay via EFT and fill in your address and telephone number on the "Shipping Information" form. We do not have a COD arrangement with the post office, all books must be paid for before they can be posted.

We will contact you by email or telephone and supply your parcel tracking number when we receive your order and payment.

Parcels can be tracked on the post office website. Enter your tracking number without any spaces.

If you wish to pay via EFT:

For South African customers only, overseas customers will find it cheaper to pay via PayGate

  1. choose whether you would like books to be posted, or collect them yourself
  2. pay into our bank-account using your name and surname as a reference
  3. email proof of payment to

If you are paying via EFT, our banking details are:
NL Vetten
Capitec Savings account: 1773592333
Branch code: 470010