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The Late American Novel - Jeff Martin & C Max Magee

The Late American Novel edited by Jeff Martin & C Max Magee gathers some of today's finest writers to consider the sea change that is upon them. Lauren Groff imagines an array of fantastical futures for writers, from poets with groupies to novelists as vending machines. Rivka Galchen writes about the figurative and literal death of paper. Joe Meno expounds upon the idea of a book as a place set permanently aside for the imagination, regardless of format. These and other original essays by Reif Larsen, Benjamin Kunkel, Victoria Patterson, and many more provide a timely and much-needed commentary on this compelling cultural crossroad. The way we absorb information has changed dramatically. Edison's phonograph has been reincarnated as the iPod. Celluloid went digital. But books, for the most part, have remained the same--until now. And while music and movies have undergone an almost Darwinian evolution, the literary world now faces a revolution, a sudden change in the way we buy, produce, and read books. Scholars, journalists, and publishers have turned their brains inside out in the effort to predict what lies ahead, but who better to comment on the future of the book than those who are driven to write them?

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The Late American Novel


Writers on the Future of Books


Martin, Jeff & Magee, C Max


Soft Skull Press



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Soft cover






Remaindered, fine


21 × 14 × 1.4 cm

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Front cover of The Late American Novel by Jeff Martin & C Max Magee
Back cover of The Late American Novel by Jeff Martin & C Max Magee