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The Bookwoman's Last Fling (CD) - John Dunning

The Bookwoman's Last Fling (CD) by John Dunning has rare book dealer, ex-homicide cop, and private eye, Cliff Janeway, resourceful, impulsive, and hell-bent for danger on another case. A unique character in crime fiction, Janeway is beloved by bibliophiles and mystery fans alike. In The Bookwoman's Last Fling, John Dunning puts Janeway back in the saddle--literally. Tempted out of his bookstore into the world of horseracing, Janeway accepts an invitation from wealthy horse trainer H.R. Geiger to travel to Idaho and look at some rate first-editions books. The books are stunning, flawless children's classics that render the usually eloquent Janeway speechless. It's a collection worth millions of dollars, a fact that Janeway would be happy to discuss with Mr. Geiger if the man wasn't dead. Janeway becomes convinced that someone has been cherry-picking the book collection for personal profit. Soon he's off on Geiger's cold trail, to the California Races at Golden Gates Fields and Santa Anita Park. Bringing together his inside knowledge of both books and horseracing, John Dunning provides another memorable, hard-boiled detective adventure, filled with all the authenticity and delicious trivia that fans have come to expect from the Bookman series.

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The Bookwoman's Last Fling (CD)


Dunning, John


Recorded Books



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9 CD's


Remaindered, fine


14.8 × 13.3 × 3.3 cm

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0.269 kg

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ZAR 150.00

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Front cover of The Bookwoman's Last Fling (CD) by John Dunning
Back cover of The Bookwoman's Last Fling (CD) by John Dunning