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South Africa - Gerald Hoberman

South Africa by Gerald Hoberman is a place of wonder, intrigue and glorious colour. With awe he has recorded the beauty of sunrise over God's Window, the russet colours of autumn in the Cape winelands, and the majestic thrust of the Drakensberg Mountains. In search of the soul of a newly awakening land, he has captured the heat of an ancient sacrifices to the spirits among the Xhosa, has been a guest at the table of a distiller of mampoer in the Groot Marico, and has been party to a conversation between San hunters in the dry northwest country. His photographs reflect the vivid colours of Ndebele hut exteriors. Basotho hut interiors, and the magical rooms of the Owl House in Nieu-Bethesda. Gerald Hoberman has captured a beautiful country and its people in a time of excitement and transformation. Yet he has retained an eye for that which does not change: old places and ancient customs upon which time seems to have no grasp. His photographs are a gift to a country he loves and all who has grown to cherish this land on the southern tip of Africa.  The text is by Don Pinnock

Book Title: 

South Africa


Photographs in celebration of the splendour and diversity of this jewel of the African continent


Hoberman, Gerald and Pinnock, Don


The Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection



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Hard cover, no dj






24.6 × 31.8 × 1.9 cm

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1.384 kg


Second hand, cloth boards somewhat dirtied and marked


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Front cover of South Africa by Gerald Hoberman
Back cover of South Africa by Gerald Hoberman