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Front cover of Raised From the Ground by Jose Saramago
Raised From the Ground - Jose Saramago

Raised From the Ground by Jose Saramago follows the changing fortunes of the Mau Tempo family--poor landless peasants not unlike Saramago's own grandparents. Set in Alentejo, a southern province of Portugal known for its vast agricultural estates, the novel charts the lives of the Mau Tempos as national and international events rumble on in the background--the coming of the republic in Portugual, the two world wars, and an attempt on the dictator Salazar's life. Yet nothing really impinges on the grim reality of the farm laborers' lives until the first communist stirrings.

ZAR 115.00
Front cover of A Tale of Two Families by Dodie Smith
A Tale of Two Families - Dodie Smith

A Tale of Two Families by Dodie Smith (author of I Capture the Castle and The Hundred and One Dalmatians) is a classic tale of complicated sibling relationships, friendship and forbidden love. Set in 1970s England, this is a delightful, funny novel with deftly drawn characters and true heart. Suspecting her husband, George, of dalliances in the city, May decides it is high time the family moved to the country. Determined to create the perfect home there, she finds an idyllic country house set in a lilac grove and sets about furnishing it properly and cooking enormous meals.

ZAR 120.00
Front cover of Nothing Sacred by David Thorne
Nothing Sacred - David Thorne

Nothing Sacred by David Thorne is an authentic and brutal crime novel. A mother's nightmare: her children taken from her because of unexplained injuries all over their bodies. Who will believe her story? When lawyer Daniel Connell receives a visit from his trouble-making old flame Victoria pleading for his help, he looks for any excuse not to get involved. But no one else believes her pleas of innocence and Daniel can see she is terrified.

ZAR 110.00
Front cover of Fire Across the Veldt by John Wilcox
Fire Across the Veldt - John Wilcox

Fire Across the Veldt by John Wilcox is set in South Africa, 1900. The bloody conflict between the forces of the British Empire and the Boer farmers seemed at last to have ended in victory for Queen Victoria's soldiers, with the Boer capitals taken and occupied. But fast-riding Boer commandos have emerged to introduce a new type of warfare - hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, fought across the veldt of South Africa and leaving the British 'Khakis' plodding and bruised in their wake.

ZAR 70.00