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Natural History

Front cover of The Wisdom of Trees by Max Adams
The Wisdom of Trees - Max Adams

The Wisdom of Trees by Max Adams is a passionate and informative celebration of trees and of man's ingenuity in exploiting their resources and the perfect gift for anyone who cares about the natural world. Trees are marvels of nature, still-standing giants of extraordinary longevity. In a beautifully written sequence of essays, anecdotes and profiles of Britain's best-loved species (from yew to scots pine), Max Adams explores both the amazing biology of trees and humanity's relationship with wood and forest across the centuries.

ZAR 160.00
Front cover of Birds by Terance James Bond
Birds - Terance James Bond

Birds by Terance James Bond shows in full the remarkable talent of this distinguished artist. Terance James Bond is rightly regarded as one of the foremost bird illustrators in Britain. The range and ability of this artist and his meticulous attention to the most delicate of details have been known to bird-lovers for many years. Now, for the first time, his remarkable paintings have been collected together and published as a book which will be treasured both by those who already know his work and by those who are discovering it for the first time.

ZAR 430.00
Front cover of Octopus! by Katherine Harmon Courage
Octopus! - Katherine Harmon Courage

Octopus! by Katherine Harmon Courage dives into the mystifying underwater world of the octopus and reports on her research around the world. She reveals, for instance, that the oldest known octopus lived before the first dinosaurs; that two thirds of an octopus's brain capacity is spread throughout its arms, meaning each literally has a mind of its own; and that it can change colours within milliseconds to camouflage itself, yet appears to be colourblind. Octopuses have been captivating humans for as long as we have been catching them.

ZAR 135.00
Front cover of Avian Architecture by Peter Goodfellow
Avian Architecture - Peter Goodfellow

Avian Architecture by Peter Goodfellow describes how birds design, engineer, and build their nests, deconstructing all types of nests found around the world using architectural blueprints and detailed descriptions of the construction processes and engineering techniques birds use. This spectacularly illustrated book features 300 full-color images and more than 35 case studies that profile key species worldwide. Each chapter covers a different type of nest, from tunnel nests and mound nests to floating nests, hanging nests, woven nests, and even multiple-nest avian cities.

ZAR 215.00
Front cover of Grasses of the Kruger National Park by Veronica Roodt
Grasses of the Kruger National Park - Veronica Roodt

Grasses of the Kruger National Park and Surrounding Bushveldt by Veronica Roodt presents some 60 of the grasses you are likely to see in the region. The first section defines grasses and discusses their biology and ecology; the middle section treats one species per page, providing photographs, line drawings, distribution maps, ID checklists, did you- know boxes and concise ID information, as well as the uses of grasses, their nutritive value, toxicity, veld management, etc.

ZAR 60.00
Front Cover of Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan
Metamorphosis - Frank Ryan

Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan explains how metamorphosis - the intricate trick of nature by which caterpillars transform into butterflies - reveals secrets that are shaking the scientific world. Ryan brings to life the work of pioneering naturalists who have traced metamorphosis in myriad species, from amphibians to marine creatures, even human puberty, to rewrite some of our longest-held beliefs about evolution.

ZAR 105.00
Front cover of Bats Sing, Mice Giggle by Karen Shanor and Jagmeet Kanwal
Bats Sing, Mice Giggle - Karen Shanor and Jagmeet Kanwal

Bats Sing, Mice Giggle by Karen Shanor and Jagmeet Kanwal tracks many years of research by hundreds of scientists that reveals how wild animals, as well as pets, have inner, secret lives of which until recently - although many animal lovers will have instinctively believed it - we have had little proof. The authors show how animal 'friends' stay in touch, and how they warn and help each other in times of danger; how some animals problem-solve as or in some instances even more effectively than humans - and how they regulate, create, and entertain themselves and others.

ZAR 85.00
Front cover of The Darwinian Tourist by Christopher Wills
The Darwinian Tourist - Christopher Wills

The Darwinian Tourist by Christopher Wills takes us on a series of adventures that demonstrate how ecology and evolution have interacted to create the world we live in. The reader comes away with a renewed sense of wonder about the world's astounding diversity, along with a new appreciation of the long evolutionary history that has led to the wonders of the present-day. When we lose a species or an ecosystem, Wills shows us, we also lose many millions of years of history.

ZAR 175.00
Front cover of A Window On Eternity by Edward O Wilson
A Window On Eternity - Edward O Wilson

A Window On Eternity by Edward O Wilson is a stunning book of splendid prose and gorgeous photography about one of the biologically richest places in Africa and perhaps in the world. Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was nearly destroyed in a brutal civil war, then was reborn and is now evolving back to its original state. Edward O. Wilson's personal, luminous description of the wonders of Gorongosa is beautifully complemented by Piotr Naskrecki's extraordinary photographs of the park's exquisite natural beauty.

ZAR 220.00