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Front cover of Zona by Geoff Dyer
Zona - Geoff Dyer

Zona by Geoff Dyer is a very stimulating book on film. Here the author takes on his biggest challenge yet: unlocking the film that has obsessed him all his adult life. Like the film Stalker itself, it confronts the most mysterious and enduring questions of life and how to live.

ZAR 85.00
Front cover of Brick Flicks by Warren Elsmore
Brick Flicks - Warren Elsmore

Brick Flicks by Warren Elsmore follows the international success of Brick City: Global Landmarks to Make from LEGO. Now Warren Elsmore returns with even more brilliant unofficial LEGO creations. From Ghost Busters to The Godfather, and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to Norman Bates in Psycho, here is a collection of the most iconic film moments and characters of all time, expertly built from LEGO.

ZAR 85.00
Front cover of 501 Must-See Movies edited by Emma Hill
501 Must-See Movies - Emma Hill

501 Must-See Movies edited by Emma Hill brings you more than a century of film history, from respected film critics and historians. Grab some popcorn-this is going to be a blockbuster! 501 Must-See Movies is essential reading for hard-core cinephiles and casual movie fans alike. From westerns to horror films, this book's got it all! This comprehensive guide to movies is divided by genre, including comedy, drama, horror, musical, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, mystery and thriller, war, and western.

ZAR 75.00
Front cover of What I Love About Movies by Little White Lies
What I Love About Movies - Little White Lies

What I Love About Movies by Little White Lies is a wonderful collection of film star interviews. During the first eight years of its existence, Little White Lies magazine has published countless interviews with some of the biggest names in the movies. These interviews have been rounded off by posing a single, searching question: 'What do you love about movies?' The answers have been entertaining, profound, personal, ridiculous, revealing and unexpected, but always unique.

ZAR 210.00
Front cover of Independently Animated: Bill Plympton by Bill Plimpton
Independently Animated: Bill Plympton - Bill Plimpton & D B Levy

Independently Animated: Bill Plympton by Bill Plimpton & D B Levy juxtaposes the story of his life and art against the backdrop of the overall animation industry. It chronicles Plympton’s life from his childhood of Saturday morning cartoons to his most current and certainly adult-skewing animation. The only modern animator to personally hand-draw every frame in all of his work, Academy Award–nominee Bill Plympton eschewed a career in the high-paying but soul-crushing Hollywood animation industry to explore his own creativity as an independent filmmaker.

ZAR 225.00