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The Wizard of Oz Collection - L Frank Baum

The Wizard of Oz Collection by L Frank Baum (1856-1919) is his decision to create a world in which 'the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out'. Since the early successes of the Oz series during the author's lifetime, and with the production of numerous stage, film, television and literary adaptations in the years since his death, Baum's magical fairyland of Oz - devised 'solely to please children of today' - has continually delighted and influenced the imaginations of millions across the world for over a century. Journey through the magical world of Oz with Dorothy and friends in this 15 book collection by L. Frank Baum, redesigned and anglicised. This collection includes the following books: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvellous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, The Road to Oz, The Emerald City of Oz, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, Tik Tok of Oz, The Scarecrow of Oz, Rinkitink in Oz, The Lost Princess of Oz, The Tin Woodman of Oz, The Magic of Oz Glinda of Oz, The Royal Book of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz Collection


Baum, L Frank


Sweet Cherry


Later Uk

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Soft cover




15 volumes


Remaindered, fine


27.5 × 20.4 × 13.3 cm

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8.586 kg

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ZAR 535.00

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Front cover of The Wizard of Oz Collection by L Frank Baum
Front cover of The Wizard of Oz Collection by L Frank Baum