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Designing Celtic Ornament - David Balade

Designing Celtic Ornament by David Balade draws on the immense popularity and the timeless appeal of Celtic ornament. Author David Balade, an acclaimed artist who created many drawings and paintings in the Celtic style, has chosen the most interesting, diverse and typical patterns and motifs of Celtic art for this beautifully designed practical and historical sourcebook. Starting with an illustrated introduction to the Celts and the development of Celtic art, all designs showcased in Designing Celtic Ornament are placed in their historical context. The chapters which follow examine the major patterns of Celtic ornamentation: spirals, interlacements, labyrinths and beasts. Each chapter opens with a general introduction to the elements of the pattern and is followed by the many modifications it underwent during the ages. A short introduction to each variation with illustrated examples from magnificent manuscripts such as the Book of Kells, The Book of Durrow or the Lindisfarne Gospels explains the specific characteristics of a certain pattern, how it was created and what it symbolised. More than 200 of the depicted designs can be reproduced and applied to contemporary work. The final chapter gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions for replicating twenty of the most beautiful motifs to be found in this exquisite collection of Celtic ornaments.

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Designing Celtic Ornament


Balade, David


Vivays Publishing



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Hard cover






Remaindered, fine


22 × 22 × 2.3 cm

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Front cover of Designing Celtic Ornament by David Balade
Back cover of Designing Celtic Ornament by David Balade