Anglo-Zulu War

Front cover of The Last Zulu Warrior by David Clammer
The Last Zulu Warrior - David Clammer

The Last Zulu Warrior by David Clammer is the story of the last Zulu War of 1879, and is written with great knowledge and sympathy by the author for his subject while the reckless courage and sheer ferocity of the battles is brought to the reader through the reproduction of some 50 little known glass lantern slides in colour which were painted during the War. Limited edition copy No.405/1000.

Front cover of The Red Soldier by Frank Emery
The Red Soldier - Frank Emery (2nd edition)

The Red Soldier: The Zulu War 1879 by Frank Emery follows the war's progress through the letters of men writing home, not just the officers whose opinions contributed to official reports or were preserved in regimental magazines, but the NCOs and private soldiers who wrote to their families and whose letters, in the custom of the time, were passed on for publication in local newspapers.

The short military lesson Britain intended teaching Cetshwayo that turned into the Zulu War of 1879 followed a classic pattern of late Victorian campaigns.

Front Cover of The Road to Isandlwana by Philip Gon
The Road to Isandlwana - Philip Gon

The Road to Isandlwana: The Years of an Imperial Battalion by Philip Gon details the events of the Bristish Imperial Battalion that led to the disastrous encounter at Isandlwana. Poignantly re-interpreted here from the point of view of the various individual soldiers whose progress has been carefully traced until their fateful confrontation with the mighty Zulu army.

Front Cover of the Zulu Kings by Brian Roberts
The Zulu Kings - Brian Roberts

The Zulu Kings by Brian Roberts tells the story of the rise and fall of the Zulu dynasty in colourful detail. The first two Kings - the resolute Shaka and the fickle Dingane - dominate the book.